About My Imagery


Bill Laing

Bill Laing

I love it when people ask, “Is it a painting? A photograph?  Or some sort of mixed media?”–that ambiguity is often what I’m going for with my imagery.  I want the viewer to stop, immerse themselves and wonder, because the image has elevated a commonplace subject into something memorable, perhaps even extraordinary.

And when they ask, “How did you do that?” they are amazed to learn that the image was made with an iPhone and the processing apps made for it.  (See my blog post “iPhone Photography–Digital Goes Digital” for more on this subject.)

I capture subjects that have great light, color and gesture; then I simplify, eliminate and exaggerate to create an image that pleases.  So, enjoy exploring my work–I have immensely enjoyed creating it.  I hope it will encourage you to slow down, be in the moment and savor the rich texture of the world around us.